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Early Learning Centres at St Andrews and Minto! 

In our infants’ rooms we practice a relationships-based approach to care.  Our key educator model creates an environment where children feel safe and cared for, meeting emotional needs and supporting their wellbeing.

Each child is assigned a particular educator who will act as their ‘go to’ person. The educator will support the child and their family when they are first integrating into our setting and will continue to be the key person for care and for moments of emotional intimacy, building up a secure attachment with the child.

In between all the love and one-to-one attention, our infants’ program taps into their natural curiosity and enhances their growth through experiences designed to encourage language acquisition, and social, emotional, and physical skills.

Some of the outcomes we focus on include…

  • Developing colour recognition

  • Recognition of basic objects

  • Language development through singing and role playing

  • Understanding, naming and managing emotions

  • Building relationships with other children

  • Development of hand-eye coordination

  • Trying a variety of foods

  • Working with families to transition from bottles and purees to solids

Space to socialise and play

Baby boy smiling
Baby playing ball
two babies holding hands


The early years are a crucial period of development for children laying the foundation for social, emotional, physical and intellectual wellbeing. The activities of this group are built around their natural tendency for active exploration and curiosity. We provide safe places where children can explore in their own way.

Baby Sleeping
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