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Early Learning Centres at St Andrews and Minto! 

Our Facilities

Our program creates a positive, safe and stimulating environment for children with access to a range of age-appropriate resources. 


Within their room the children will find opportunities to engage in cooperative play, pretend play and imaginative play to promote social, emotional and cognitive development as they move through different zones to access different activities.  Our warm and engaging team love seeing children engage in open ended play, interactions with other children and make-believe. We also provide a range of books for children to explore.  

We maintain a high standard of hygiene for each room and communicate with you every day, regarding your child's routine and activities. 

Kids on horse swing
Girl playing wooden train


We are inspired to provide natrual materials in our classrooms and we aim to provide an environment that is appropriately engaging for children - not too cluttered, not too sparse. Our classrooms are fully equipped with a range of activities to engage childrens' senses, including things like arts and crafts, puzzles and toys, books, models, building blocks and much more to support childrens' interests and our rich program. We appropriately incorporate technology into our program through tools like our smart board.

Focus Areas

We have zones in our indoor and outdoor environment that children use for different purposes. For example, we have a reading nook in each room where children gather for quiet activities and we have sand, water and earth spaces outside for children engage with.

Soon, we will implement some dedicated STEM spaces for children to build their love for the key areas of science, technology, engineering and maths.

Girl reading a story book
Kids playing sand


Childrens' imaginations and creativity runs wild in our expansive outdoor spaces with separate areas for infants and toddlers to safely explore their natural world. These spaces include climbing equipment and modular beams, natural environments like sand pits and garden corners, and plenty of space to freely move, explore, play and engage.

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