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Early Learning Centres at St Andrews and Minto! 

Our program aims to facilitate cognitive development and encourage curiosity to explore and create. Experiences are designed to encourage children to acquire new words and use increasingly complex spoken language, and develop their awareness of the body in space and its relationship to objects in space.


Our educators also work closely with families to provide children with assistance to reach key milestones such as toilet training and independence in dressing and meal times.

Some of the outcomes we focus on include…

  • Encouraging curiosity to explore and experience their immediate environment

  • Building awareness of social interactions, empathy and social relationships

  • Encouraging development of identity and independence

  • Developing problem solving skills through trial and error experiences

  • Building verbal skills and increasingly more complex language structures

Space to learn & play


Our  toddlers’ program endeavours to capture the endless energy and tap into their natural curiosity to maximise growth during this exciting developmental stage.

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