Some of the outcomes we focus on include…

  • Developing skills in numeracy and literacy through intentional teaching

  • Helping children describe their thoughts, feelings and the world around them

  • Concepts of quantity, proportions, measurement and classification

  • Investigating how the world works through games and activities

  • Respect for the environment through growing gardens and caring for animals and learning about sustainability

  • Understanding what primary school is by storytelling, games and excursions

  • Recognise, express and manage feelings

  • Developing independence skills

  • Interacting with other students

  • Safety skills (eg, road safety)

Space to learn & play

Welcoming Enrolments Now

The Koala Room

Our focus with these children is in preparing children for the transition to primary school. We want children to be excited about moving forward to Kindergarten.

Developing social and emotional connections with other students through activities aimed to encourage sharing, cooperation, and managing new situations.

Practicing the sort of skills used everyday at school, like sitting at desks, waiting their turn, putting your hand up to ask questions, and looking after their belongings.

Building literacy, numeracy and STEM capabilities in children, including being able recgonise and write their name as well as recognise numbers, count and some arithmetic.

Brief visits to schools where children can experience what it is like, including being able to participate by doing things like sitting in a kindergarten class or eating lunch in the playground.

Preparing For School

We also have a strong focus on working with parents to facilitate this transition and have developed relationships and excursion programs with local schools to gradually introduce the idea of Kindergarten to children.  We achieve this by...

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Long day care

Before & After School Care


We offer care and education for children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age and are focused on providing…

  •  Meaningful and nurturing experiences

  •  Transition to School program

  •  Genuine care and links to community

  •  All meals and snacks included

Kids College is a family owned independent centre. Our aim is to develop children’s confidence and capabilities through indoor and outdoor play-based learning programs. We strive to provide a high level of care and education in an environment designed to stimulate and inspire each child.